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Asphalt Repairs on a Budget

Fill it and

"Forget about it"


Expert Technical advice on installation procedures is only a phone call away.

With Wespro's new Hybrid Asphalt, you can perform all types of asphalt repairs, in all types of weather, at a fraction of your current costs. It's as easy to apply as pouring from a bucket and compressing with a vehicle tire...but the results are incredible. Wespro Hybrid Asphalt is guaranteed to outperform hot asphalt repairs and outlive the surrounding surfaces.


Environmental Benefits:

  • Will not sheen when water is applied
  • Does not produce vapors or fumes before, during or after patching

Fill holes in the Rain? YES.
Wespro can be applied in any weather, including rain and severe Winter conditions and remain permanent.

What is it?
Not a hot asphalt, not a temporary asphalt, Wespro is a completely new product that requires NO TACK and delivers permanent results.

Wespro's Hybrid Asphalt meets strict California Type A asphalt specs (HOT MIX), Cal Trans, So. Calif. Gas Co. and L.A. County.

Available in 50 lb. bags and 60 lb. resealable buckets, and by the truck load to meet any need

Bulk Now Available!

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